Myrtha Dubois — Myrtha Dubois Coaching and Consulting

Wow! Tina has displayed great levels of integrity and is extremely responsible. Her character exudes ambition, dependability, creativity, and supportive. Tina is inspirational and motivates me to take new avenues that has brought value to my business. Tina is known to work while I sleep although she doesn’t admit it. Tina is my thought partner and is an incredible forward thinker. Not only is she dedicated to delivering a quality product with her services, she is also committed to my success. I really enjoy working with her. She is a true team player with a “Can Do” attitude and a great personality. I feel blessed to have her as a part of my team, and now, a part of my family. Tina K comes, highly recommended and has my support in all her endeavors. Myrtha Dubois, Power Coach for Women