Why do you need a VA?

 Being a virtual assistant can be demanding.  It leaves little time for your own business marketing, but self promotion is key to being successful.  So, today, I am taking a few minutes for MY business and I’m going to write my first blog post on my new website. It sort of reminds me of being a mom.  We always find time for our children, but have very little time to even shave our own legs! Well today is  the day.

The one thing I have wanted to write about, ironically, is time management and to describe how a VA can be so helpful to you in that regards.  Having worked in the administrative field for so many years, I know how difficult it is to reach the goals you set for yourself, when you have so many interruptions all the time.   Most of my clients, thus far, also have other irons in the fire.  That’s to say, that some work full-time in the corporate world or some have more than one business interest. When you are working two and sometimes three jobs, it is difficult to build a business. It is difficult to create brand awareness, increase traffic to your website, engage on all the social media sites you should be engaging on and the list goes on.

We have to realize that our specialties may not lie in setting up processes, or graphic design or content creation and such.  The time comes when we need to accept that if we want to be a success, we just might have to accept a little help.

The Virtual Assistant of today is quite versatile.  A VA can be your personal assistant, or your administrative guru.  She can be your organizer, and travel planner.  She can be your technical genius.  She can be your right hand ‘man’ and the person you brainstorm with.  There is no end to what a VA can do and the return on your investment is high!   You may not find all those things in one person, and you may need to hire more than one.  One thing for sure though, once you learn to let go of all those tasks that are bogging you down, you will see your business boom.  You will be spending more time with family and friends, and you will wonder.., “Why did I wait so long?”