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I am a virtual assistant who is dedicated and loyal.  I want to see you succeed.  Your success is my success.   So, if you are struggling with brand awareness,  and the skills you need to make that happen, then you are in the right place. I can help you!

  I invite you to look at this site, look at my services and my portfolio.  I would love to chat with you further, so please book a complimentary discovery call where we can discuss your business needs!




Hello and welcome to my site!   I launched my virtual assistant business in 2016 and my main focus at the time, was to see how I could help the small business person. Since that time, I have come to the realization that I want to help entrepreneurs, coaches, or start-up companies by helping them promote their business. I have discovered a love for social media!

What I can do for you is manage, create/curate all of your social media. I can build your Facebook business page, I can set up and create your  landing pages, email marketing campaigns.  I can help YOU, by creating  brand awareness and driving traffic to your website.

I would treat your business as if it were my own and I would enjoy every moment of it.  Do you need someone to brainstorm with? Do you need someone to bounce your ideas off of?  Do you need someone who will be supportive, reliable and bring value to your business?  Look no further.

In my personal life, I am a mother to an 18 year old son and wife of 36 years!  I have over 30 years of administrative experience and I absolutely thrive when learning new things.   I live a quiet life on the lake,  with my family which includes a stubborn Bassett Hound called Henry.

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Wow! Tina has displayed great levels of integrity and is extremely responsible. Her character exudes ambition, dependability, creativity, and supportive. Tina is inspirational and motivates me to take new avenues that has brought value to my business. Tina is known to work while I sleep although she doesn’t admit it. Tina is my thought partner and is an incredible forward thinker. Not only is she dedicated to delivering a quality product with her services, she is also committed to my success. I really enjoy working with her. She is a true team player with a “Can Do” attitude and a great personality. I feel blessed to have her as a part of my team, and now, a part of my family. Tina K comes, highly recommended and has my support in all her endeavors. Myrtha Dubois, Power Coach for Women  http://mdubois01.wixsite.com/myrthadubois

      I have worked with Tina for over 20 years. She is a very high performing individual and is a dream to work with. She is very quick to learn new things and will often suggest new ways of doing things that will make your business more efficient. She has always set the standard for others to strive for and I have the utmost respect and confidence in everything she does.  If you hire her as a virtual assistant, you are getting a top notch individual and you won’t have any regrets.  Richard Witty, Detachment Commander, Ontario Provincial Police.